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TMNT 2012 challenge

[10] Favorite scenes - “Gotcha!

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It’s redesign corner again~ and this time Irma is also my victim XD

so I had the idea of April being a cop(detective) and thought that would be cool….but then I thought…who would be the reporter? So Irma came to mind and…I went to drawing XDD

I was gonna put Casey in the mix…but I didn’t draw enough of him so I’ll do him later~ 

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"Look! It’s us!"

"Why do we look so dorky?"

"Is that…supposed to be April?"


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Best backstory. (x)

You know…for a second there…his head shape led me to believe he could be Phineas’s father.

whA T

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when is it going to be the other way round

does this count?

Oh, I think that one counts. 

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chill hazel grace its a metaphor

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girl:*finds horse who is impaired in some way*
girl:dad can I keep it
dad:no there's no hope for it let's go
girl:dad u idiot u don't get me
girl:*visits horse in middle of the night*
*cuts to girl riding the horse in an open field bc she is free and her dad can't control her*
dad:how dare u
girl:just let me prove to u this horse is special
girl:*enters race*
dad:u make me so proud
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kick game at me, do you one better. if your girl wanna roll - i just might let her

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Ivy by Mel Milton.

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